About Cancellation Policies and Fees

About Cancellation Policies and Fees

You can set up Cancellation Policies to define the rules surrounding when and how you collect cancellation fees from customers. Cancellation policy rules determine both the date after which a cancellation fee will apply and the amount of the cancellation fee associated with it.

You can set cancellation policies at different levels, and some levels take precedence over others.

For example, you can set up a policy that applies to a specific supplier and all the items they sell. This means that every time a product in that supplier’s inventory is purchased by a customer and subsequently cancelled, the customer must pay a cancellation fee according to the rules defined.

However, if a separate cancellation policy for a specific product within a supplier’s inventory exists, that cancellation policy for the specific product takes precedence over the policy set for the entire supplier only when that specific product is booked.

In addition, if that same product is included in a promotion or package which also has a separate cancellation policy, the cancellation policy set for the promotion or package takes precedence over both the product-specific and supplier policies.